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Celebrating Hunter Champions from Brave Horse Summer Series Week I

Congratulations to all of our competitors and good luck at Brave Horse Show Park this weekend!

All photos courtesy of Winslow Photography LLC

Children's Hunter

Atlas Peak

Rider: Lillian Forney

Owner: Ashland Farms

Trainer: Betsy Lewis


Large Junior Hunter

Caesar Augustus

Rider: Sydney Miller

Owner: Anneliese Kolaska

Trainer: Sarah Ash


USHJA Hunter 3’0”/ Low Hunter

Caesar Augustus

Rider: Michaella Gerlacher

Owner: Anneliese Kolaska

Trainer: Sarah Ash


Amateur Owner Hunter 3’3”


Rider & Owner: Katie Rosinski

Trainer: Ahna Cafaro


Small Junior Hunter 3’3”


Rider & Owner: Sydney Miller

Trainer: Sarah Ash


Junior Amateur Owner Hunter 3’6”


Rider: Isabel Straka

Owner: Anna Straka

Trainer: Cindy McCullough


Baby Green Hunter

H. Devereux

Rider: Michaella Gerlacher

Owner: Lisa Karam

Trainer: Sarah Ash


Intermediate Low Children’s Hunter


Rider: Ava Mercker

Owner & Trainer: Holly Helbig


Opportunity Short Stirrup Hunter


Rider: Ava Trusewicz

Owner: Jessica I. Jude

Trainer: Ellen Jennings


Very Low Non-Professional 2’3”

Dream Weaver

Rider & Owner: Linda Cromie

Trainer: Mandy Bittner


Thoroughbred Hunter


Rider: Annette Danehy

Owner: Kate Ewald

Trainer: Annette Danehy


Performance Hunter

Fernando VDL

Rider: Michaella Gerlacher

Owner: Lindsay Dunlap

Trainer: Sarah Ash


Green Pony Hunter 2’3”. 2’6”, & 2’9”

Gentleman George

Rider & Owner: Madelyn L. Kuhn

Trainer: Jamie L. Mills


Adult Amateur Hunter


Rider & Owner: Sara Santisi

Trainer: Holly Helbig


Green Hunter 3’0”, 3’3”, 3’6”


Rider: Michaella Gerlacher

Owner: Kate N. Golian

Trainer: Sarah Ash


USHJA Hunter 2’6” / Special Hunter


Rider: Ed Copeland

Owner: Kathryn Haefner

Trainer: Ali Wolf


Pony Hunter 2’6”

Miss Bermuda

Rider & Owner: by Lilly Yinger

Trainer: Lindsay Yinger


Non-Professional Hunter


Rider & Owner: Jessica L. Anderson

Trainer: Tammy Turner


Children's Hunter Pony


Rider: Jacob Harris

Owner: Twin Horse LLC

Trainer: Sarah Ash


Future Hunters

Simply Smart

Rider: Dana Kurrle

Owner: Linda Salvato

Trainer: Dana Kurrle


Intermediate Low Adult Hunter

Speaking Softly

Rider & Owner: Dolora Schumacher

Trainer: Nicole R. Parrill


TIP Low Thoroughbred Hunter

Tuck and Roll

Rider: Mandy Bittner

Owner: Kate Miller

Trainer: Mandy Bittner

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