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5 Reasons to Add Brave Horse Ohio to Your Summer Show Schedule

Wishing for a horse show with rated competition, beautiful grounds, and a small, boutique feel? Enter Brave Horse Ohio: a premier destination for competitive equestrians, located just outside of one of the Midwest’s most vibrant cities. We know just how great it is here, but if you are in need of convincing, we did you the favor of listing just a few of the reasons you should show at Brave Horse this summer!


Riding surfaces are perhaps the most important aspect of competitive equestrian sport, which is why Brave Horse’s five arenas are outfitted with Footing First’s SRS footing. Rain or shine, our footing is ready to go.


With four permanent barns and 250 10’x12’ stalls, Brave Horse Ohio’s accommodations for our pony pals is second to none. You’ll sleep well knowing your horse is comfortable and protected from the elements no matter the weather. Our barns boast wide aisle ways with plenty of room for tack trunks and other gear, because we know that equestrians just can’t help but over pack!

Ribbons and Prizes

Like all sports, horse showing is about so much more than winning or losing. At Brave Horse, we know how hard our competitors work to improve in the saddle, which is why we celebrate every color of ribbon and every great round. Winning a blue is the icing on the cake, which is why we include an additional prize for every blue ribbon won, like fly spray, salt blocks, and boot polish. Tricolor winners take home saddle pads, rain sheets, and so much more—you deserve to be rewarded for your great rides!

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Let’s face it: some horse shows can be downright intimidating. At Brave Horse, our goal is to make every competitor, spectator, or vendor feel welcome, whether it’s your first visit or your fifth.

Location, Location, Location

Horse show days can be long, and we know just how hungry and tired you can be when dinnertime rolls around. With lodging a mere ten minute drive from the Brave Horse grounds, New Albany restaurants a 15 minute drive, and Easton Town Center a 20 minute drive, our exhibitors have ample dining and shopping options.

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