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Navigating Covid-19 with Barn Schooling Days

Now that USEF has closed down shows for May, what can we do? There is no easy way to figure out how to safely horse show - and even ride - while barns are closed and we are all concerned about our health. So, May Brave Horse shows have been canceled and we wait to see what lies ahead.

In an effort to combat restlessness and the feeling that horse showing may not be possible, or if it is - that we are unprepared - Brave Horse is introducing Barn Schooling Days. One barn per day, ten people at any given time, as many trips as you need. Trainers may switch out horses, rework the course, whatever the group needs to get confidence to hit the show circuit when the time is right. For details, go to our COVID-19 page and click "Barn Schooling Days." If nothing else, time in the saddle is great for mental health!

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