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Introducing the New Owners of Brave Horse, Jonathan and Oya Krachenfels!

We are delighted to announce that Jonathan and Oya Krachenfels are the proud new owners of Brave Horse and the Brave Horse Show Series! Jonathan’s extensive experience as a business owner, investor, father and husband, combined with Oya’s expertise in leading our company’s brand, bring a fresh perspective and renewed energy to Brave Horse. The Krachenfels are committed to providing exceptional service, improving the top-notch facilities, and unparalleled equestrian experiences for the equine community. Get ready for an exciting new chapter at Brave Horse as we embark on this journey together!

Improvements are underway and will be ongoing throughout the season; a few key projects are currently in process.

Footing First, Brave Horse’s source for premier footing, is providing a fresh SRS mixture after extensive analysis of the Hunter and Jumper rings. We asked Karen Leeming, Co-Founder of Footing First, to do whatever it took to prepare us for the upcoming season. She said, “We are working to rejuvenate the main arenas and bring them back to their pristine performance condition for the 2023 season. We are excited about our partnership with Jonathan at Brave Horse, sharing these arenas with everyone, and all the exciting changes ahead!”

As a result of the ongoing partnership with Footing First, the Hunter rings will be repaired, added to, worked and leveled, completely refining them, and the Jumper and warm up rings will also receive new product, attention and leveling in anticipation of a busy show season.

Our driveway is getting a facelift as well. It will be filled, graded and worked to create a smooth arrival and departure.

The irrigation system is undergoing maintenance and recalibration to help streamline the watering process in the Jumper ring.

The landscape of Brave Horse is under the supervision of Marcus Krachenfels who has a vision of increasing the facility's already lovely aesthetic appeal.

Fencing around the rings is repaired and freshly painted.

Brave Horse will utilize the permanent stalls only. In order to maximize the Brave Horse experience, we will cap the stalls at 248.

Our Spring Show Prize List will be posted soon on the website and on

Brave Horse will once again be awarding Series Championships and will celebrate with a social event postseason.

The Krachenfels are excited to revitalize this wonderful venue and look forward to meeting all of you and hosting the Brave Horse Show Series. Please join us in 2023 and experience what Brave Horse has to offer. Visit us at for more information!

2023 Show Schedule:

Brave Horse I May 24 - 28 USEF "A" Level 2 Jumpers

Brave Horse II May 31 - June 4 USEF "A" Level 2 Jumpers

Brave Horse III June 21 - 25 USEF "A" Level 3 Jumpers

Brave Horse Summer June 30 - July 2 USEF "B" Level 3 Jumpers

Brave Horse IV July 19 - 23 USEF "A" Level 2 Jumpers

Brave Horse V August 25 - 27 USEF "B" Level 2 Jumpers

Brave Horse VI August 30 - September 3 USEF "A" Level 3 Jumpers

Come RIDE BRAVE this year!


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